Popular Questions

What is the difference between Away and Stay?

When leaving your home or business and you set the alarm in the Away mode, the entire security system is working including motion detectors. When staying in your home or business or when there is someone in the home when you leave always arm the system in the Stay mode. This arms the system but, the motion detectors are turned off to allow you to move about in the home or business and not set off the alarms.

My power went off and my doors no longer beep when they are opened. What should I do?

Enter your 4 digit code and enter 9 (chime). Chime should show on the keypad. To turn the chime off, enter your code and enter 9. The chime will no longer be on the keypad.

I accidentally, set off my alarm and can not get it to reset! What do I do?

Anytime your alarm goes off, enter your 4 digit code and the number 1 (off) key. This turns the system off. At this time it will show you where the alarm was activated. It will show you Alarm and the zone that caused the alarm. It is important to note the zone that has been activate in the event service is needed. To reset the alarm, enter your 4 digit code and the 1 key this will reset your alarm and the green ready light should be on.